Website translation

Website translation is a profitable investment.

Today, one of the most advantageous ways to enter foreign markets is to translate your website. With English being one of the most widespread languages in the world and many people reading and understanding it, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and distortions of your message. You need professional translation to represent your brand on an international level properly. With our ability to translate your website into the language of your choice, we offer flexible solutions for your web content.


We offer partial and full website translation

Many companies realize they need to translate their website to reach a wider international audience. However, it is not always necessary to translate the entire site. In addition to full translation, iText also offers partial translation of only your site's most important content. We offer solutions customized to meet your company's specific demands.

We recommend that you translate your entire site in most cases. But you can decide to translate only the main pages to highlight your international products and services before choosing a full translation of your website and blog articles. Translating selected pages can be a solution that will meet your needs, taking into account your budget.


SEO-oriented translation of your content

In addition to your site's visible content, such as articles, sales pages, and product pages, we can assist in translating meta tags and image descriptions. Proper translation and localization of your website's SEO content is necessary to ensure the best visibility in Google, which will lead to increased traffic to your website and, ultimately, to greater customer engagement.

Translation of your site's hidden text is a true art, which many companies tend to underestimate. Is there any point in translating content that is difficult to find in a Google search engine?


Source code or MS Word translation?

Customers often choose to send the content of their site in MS Word format. This is the preferred format for receiving translation documents. This option is also the cheapest. However, this may mean that you need more time to integrate content on your site. Before working on the project, we will discuss these details to ensure that both parties are happy.

We also translate websites in various other formats, such as XML and HTML. To improve customer experience, we can also embed content into your CMS or translate exported files in the format you choose. Another option is to configure the WordPress plugin, which manages translations. This allows you to get translated content directly from your content management system's backend, which requires the least effort before you can integrate translated content into your site. Get in touch with us, and together we will find the best solution for your budget and internal process.


Website translation into the language of your market

If you are thinking about going international, then your website's translation is a logical first step. By creating a French, German, or Spanish version of your site, you will cover a wider audience. Delivering localized content in your readers' native language gives you an advantage when it comes to winning their trust and raising your company's profile.

No matter what the language is, our expert translators will ensure a result that meets your expectations. But you should know that every language you add to your website will increase the time needed to manage it. That is why we recommend that you start by translating your website into one additional language. This will allow you to perform the appropriate procedures. We are happy to translate your site into other languages as soon as you become familiar with multilingual website management requirements.

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