Technical translations

No improvisation is allowed in technical translation.

As a rule, technical translation is very specific. These are areas where every term and detail are extremely important, and errors can have serious consequences. iText provides technical translation services in French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish, and many other languages.


A wide range of technical translators

Not only language proficiency but also a deep knowledge of the subject area is necessary for technical translation.

Such texts are often aimed at specialists, and the lack of knowledge of relevant terminology may force readers to reject the translation legitimately.

English technical terms are commonly used in other languages without translation, or there may be a local equivalent, which is why technical translation sometimes borders on computer translation.


Technical translators with special training

The technical translator should have access to basic research materials (journals, dictionaries, specialized works, etc.) in addition to his/her knowledge. Often, the translators who specialize in this field get additional training.

Among them are engineers, computer specialists, doctors, technicians, etc., who chose to change their career to translation because of their passion for languages.

Therefore, these professionals have an excellent understanding of the topics covered by the texts they translate.


We are experts in the technical translation:

  • Engineering
  • Manuals for equipment operation
  • Descriptions and specifications
  • Standards
  • Environmental studies
  • Specifications

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