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Accurate and trustworthy legal translations

We understand the importance of the timely translation of your legal document. Therefore we always try to comply with the translation deadlines. At the same time, we use an extensive terminology database, including glossaries and translation memories, made available to all our translators. Thus, your legal documents will be translated in a short time, in a consistent and uniform style. We guarantee you an effective language solution that meets your requirements with our approach to work and reasonable prices for translations.


Experts in legal translation

The issues related to the translation of contracts into English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Dutch, Danish or Polish and vice versa are quite complex. They require special knowledge of international legal norms. We have a team of experienced legal translators who are experts in their field.


Amaze your partners with a great, well-done translation, which guarantees excellent return, both in terms of profit and simply in terms of brand recognition. iText guarantees confidentiality. We would be happy to make a non-disclosure agreement if required in documents containing confidential information.


Matching all your translation needs

Just like a medical translation, legal translation requires an understanding of extensive vocabulary. That is why iText has a dedicated international network of legal translators in various language combinations and specializations.

Our translators are genuine professionals in the legal field; their many years of experience guarantee high-quality and accurate translations in any industry. Outsourcing quality legal translation generates indisputable profit, and reliance on a language translation service provider's experience will allow you to outrun your competitor.


Translation of contracts, shareholder agreements, company constituent documents, or international agreements

The legal language varies from country to country and changes over time. Legal translators may have to work in Roman and English law and apply concepts in different foreign languages to ensure understanding between them.

Does your company need to translate your employment or sales contract into French? Perfectly adapted terms and conditions from Dutch to English? Translate GDPR into Spanish? We will be happy to deliver accurate legal translations into many European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages.


Respect for confidentiality

If you have confidential information in your documents, we will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. More than a hundred companies have entrusted us with their most confidential business and legal documents. We work with the utmost care in such projects, taking care of both security and confidentiality.

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