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So, you have just found a new business partner that will help you access an emerging market; therefore, you should ensure that both parties can communicate and successfully implement the project. iText will help you integrate and develop this partnership. Whether you are in Delhi, Lisbon, St. Petersburg, or anywhere else in the world, you can entrust us with translating all your business documents. Our professional translators will be glad to take responsibility for the translation. 


Our translators handle the majority of professional and financial documents that are required for international trade:

  • Brochures
  • Business plans
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Geopolitical studies
  • Shareholder information
  • Official documents
  • Annual reports
  • Insurance documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Profit and loss statements


We also collaborate with the experts in the translation of legal documents. All this means that we can be your exclusive translation partner. With our solutions, you will develop the business partnership of your dreams.


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We provide specialized translation services for the businesses:

Translation of proposals, bids, and tender documents

iText will help you start a new business abroad and translate all business and legal documents into your client's language or your language.

Business plan translation

With our translations, you will be ready to present your company confidently to your partners and potential clients abroad at the highest level.

Business proposal translation

iText helps companies that use English or any other language as their primary working language to reach new markets abroad by professionally translating their business offers into their future customers' language.

Official document translation

We translate official documents and other professional documents with the accuracy and quality that only our specialists can provide.

Real estate sale and purchase contract translation

The precise translation of contracts is an essential aspect of any real estate transaction between parties who speak different languages.

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iText Translation Agency is not only professional translators but also clients, without which we could never develop our skills, improve our knowledge and reach new heights in the translation industry.