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iText Translation Agency is not only professional translators but also clients, without which we could never develop our skills, improve our knowledge and reach new heights in the translation industry.


We focus exclusively on translations. All our work is based on remote work. Here we have collected the most common questions from our customers.


I need DTP services, and do you accept files in a non-editable format?

Usually, we work with files in an editable format. Nevertheless, we implement projects that involve files in a non-editable format, such as PDF. Such work requires additional efforts and costs, which you can avoid by providing material for translation in one of the common text formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc.).


Do you charge for urgency?

Yes, we do because urgent translations require more resources. In this case, the cost is calculated individually in each case. If we cannot guarantee that the work will be done by the requested deadline, we will propose the date closest to the desired deadline.


How can I pay for the translation?

You can pay via PayPal. We do not accept cash payments.


Do you provide proofreading services, and do they cost as much as translation?

By proofreading, we mean an editing of a translation made by a third party. If this translation has too many errors, which is often the case with machine translation, or if a non-native speaker translated the text, then we have to check the translation against the source. If this work takes the same amount of time to correct as to translate from scratch, it will be included in the cost. If the translation quality is so poor that we have to make a completely new translation, our standard translation rates apply. If the quality is relatively high and minor corrections are required (spelling, grammar, style, etc.), then the applicable rate is usually one-third of the translation cost.


Do you certify the translations of birth certificates, diplomas, wills, and other personal documents?

We do not do the certified translations.


Do you provide a discount if the text I need to translate contains many repetitions?

As a rule, the translation of such texts takes less time, so we can meet your needs and offer you a discount.


I have a glossary and other support materials. Do you need them?

If you have them, we will use them. In any case, it will only improve the quality of translation.


I have some paper documents, can I send them by mail?

We prefer not to deal with paper documents. If you need us to translate a paper document, please scan it and send it to us in PDF format.


What are your payment terms?

We work with new customers only after the order is paid in full. Other payment terms are possible with regular customers.


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