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The Kazakh language is the national language of the Republic of Kazakhstan. About 14 million people, of which 9 million live in Kazakhstan, the rest in China, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and other countries, speak Kazakh.

The Kazakh language is continually developing as the state pays special attention to it. Therefore, there is a significant increase in the need to translate into Kazakh. There is a massive competition in this area of translation in Kazakhstan. We have taken a worthy place in this niche and provide a qualified, high-quality, and professional service.

When do you need a translation into Kazakh?

For example, you are bidding for a tender. According to the procurement requirements, it is necessary to submit tender documentation in Kazakh. We can translate documentation of various subject areas according to high standards, professionally and in the required time, as well as provide the notary certification.

You will also need a translation into Kazakh if you submit an official application to any government agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

If you advertise your own business, you cannot do without outdoor advertising. In this case, we will translate your advertising materials, including slogans, into Kazakh. We will help you to avoid the incidents and errors on the advertising banner.

Translation from Kazakh

This service is also top-rated. Customers often order a translation from Kazakh into Russian and from Kazakh into English.

You may need a translation from Kazakh into Russian if you participate in the program of resettlement to the Russian Federation. In this case, all documents, including passport, should be translated from Kazakh into Russian.

Also, you may need this type of translation if your company is an investor in the economy of Kazakhstan. To effectively interact with the state, it is necessary to translate the various documents, including legislative and normative acts, from Kazakh into English.

We will also translate and localize your company's website. Our specialists have a good understanding of the culture of Kazakhstan. Our knowledge will help make your brand recognizable and understandable in the market of Kazakhstan.

Quality assurance

To implement the Kazakh translation projects, we involve only experienced and qualified translators who have proved themselves to be the right specialists.

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