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IText translation agency provides translation into several Asian languages. Our team of experienced translators provides 24/7 services for corporate clients and individuals.

We carefully select the right translator for each client and, if necessary, assign additional translators to ensure the continuity of each translation project.

Each time you send a document for translation, you can choose a service that matches your urgency level.


Mandarin Chinese versus Cantonese Chinese

If you consider the need for translation from English to Chinese, the Chinese language form you have chosen depends on the desired target market. Below are the three most commonly used types:


  • Mandarin Chinese with short (simplified) hieroglyphs

mainland China and Singapore


  • Mandarin Chinese with long (traditional) hieroglyphs



  • Cantonese Chinese with long (traditional) hieroglyphs

Hong Kong and internationally


Customers should resist calls to cut costs by preparing one set of materials in Chinese to cover all of China, as there are centuries of conflict between ethnic groups of Chinese. Instead, companies should create separate information messages for each of China's three major markets - Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Failure to understand cultural differences may cause resentment, demonstrate a lack of receptivity, and indicate an insincere interest in the region. Fortunately, there are significant linguistic similarities between these three groups, and iText can provide targeted communication for each market.


Chinese translation prices

Our rates depend on the following factors:

  • Text particular characteristics - if a translator has to do a lot of research, the translation takes more time as a matter of logic.
  • Total number of words
  • The required time - if we have to work at night or on weekends, the price increases by 50% compared to the base rate.
  • Document format - the most suitable format for translation is an editable file (for example, a compatible MS Word) or HTML.

As you can see, several factors affect the translation price. For this reason, please send us all the files that need to be translated to provide you with an accurate price based on all the above factors.

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