How to improve your business image using the translations

How to improve your business image using the translations
09.01.2021 | Business

How can translations improve your company's image?

A company's image and reputation have a huge impact on public perception of the brand and, as a result, sales and revenue. In a competitive and globalized business environment, your business's positive brand and consumer perception makes the difference between success and failure.

Companies that target foreign audiences or international customers should be especially cautious about their marketing and promotional activities in their home market. Even though a foreign brand can often work in a company's favor in some markets, you still have to win the audience's favor and do it very carefully. One of the areas where companies can "win big" in a new, foreign market is when they communicate with their future customers in their native language.

The translation agency can help your company's image with several key factors. Brands need to create an image that resonates with consumers, and often communication goes beyond language.

This article will describe the key aspects of branding and discuss how working with a translation agency can shape your image in a way that appeals to international clients.


What are translation services?

Translation services deal with a wide range of areas needed for commercial purposes: language, culture, technical, legal, and marketing materials.

The exact wording is very important to create a brand image. In the past, many Fortune 500 companies failed to translate the slogan, which turned out to hurt their brand.

Many of your customers will view your marketing material as their first point of contact with your brand. Translating the website, brochures, and posters into the target market's language immediately makes a good first impression.

The translation agency will not only translate your marketing material so that it reads well but can also incorporate cultural references that resonate emotionally with local audiences.

Marketing campaigns without emotion are rather primitive and impractical. A translation agency uses localization and transcreation techniques to make your message and your brand stand out in a busy, international marketplace.

You also need to know social and cultural values, including political, religious, and even historical views. These pitfalls can damage a company's reputation if not handled correctly.


Qualities of professional translators

Professional translators are highly educated and have an excellent understanding of the structure of the language. It is important that the information is accurately conveyed along with an understanding of certain phrases and synonyms.

A thorough knowledge of speaking and writing is necessary to establish good communication. The way your company delivers its marketing messages certainly leads to greater success in doing business.

As you probably realize, the language has many complex nuances that require deep knowledge. The translation agencies usually assign the work to native speakers to solve possible problems.

Besides, the translation agencies do proofreading and editing at a very high level. iText Translation Agency has several levels of quality control.

Companies can also use the knowledge of native linguists to learn more about their target audience and incorporate that into a strategy to develop a positive brand image.

The brand message may need to be refined to fit the mindset of your target audience. Even subtle differences in tone between written and spoken speech can make a big difference.

For example, in the U.S., the tone is over-emphasized with a strong call to action - "Buy Now!"

In contrast, France's marketing content tends to be written in a conversational style. The call to action is much softer. In Germany, it is illegal for a company to claim to be "the best."


Strengthening your company's image

It would help if you used several channels to create a brand image: advertising campaigns, press releases targeting influencers, and customer engagement on social media.

A professional translator can help with all strategic directions. You will need a local sales team to communicate with locals. So the best way to train your employees on your products, services, and brand image is to translate the documents into their language, which will allow them to understand better what you're talking about.

The translation agency will help you prepare scripts and teaching materials. Besides, we can also handle any legal materials you may need to translate, such as personnel contracts, privacy policies, and standard terms and conditions.

Companies with promotional videos should also consider transcription services.

Audio files may contain an accent from a region with which your target audience is not friendly - for example, if you speak neutral Spanish in Catalonia, this can be bad for your reputation.

Most countries have online influencers in today's markets. Foreign businesses should seek to leverage their brand image through recognized influencers your target audience trusts.

Not all influencers can speak good English. When you're building a brand image, the influencer must understand what your company is all about.

You can also contact a local linguist to talk to influential people and give them messages that will be understood. For example, untrained people find it difficult to work with certain topics. A good example is legal and technical documents.

Foreign audiences may misunderstand industries that use specific language. It is especially vital to introduce a new product, system, or part of it in the country.

Companies can explain the nature of their business, products, and brands with confidence to a professional linguist because they have a better command of your language and, therefore, communicate with people in their language.


Working in a foreign market can be extremely difficult if you try to handle it alone. At a minimum, you will need to translate the website and marketing materials. For more information or a translation quote, contact us today.

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This article will describe the key aspects of branding and discuss how working with a translation agency can shape your image in a way that appeals to international clients.

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