Assisting remote employees in their professional development

Assisting remote employees in their professional development
14.12.2020 | Productivity, Personnel

The very thought of managing a remote or international staff can throw you off your stride. Making all of your employees feel engaged and productive takes a lot of effort. Fortunately, a few simple professional development options, such as those mentioned in this article, will make it easy for you to take on this task and ensure your remote employees are more productive.

Any business needs professional development. When opportunities are given to your employees to improve their skills or knowledge, they can greatly improve your company's performance and ensure that it better meets its goals. Investing time and resources to help your employees make the most of themselves is worthwhile. Keep reading to learn a few ways to help your employees feel appreciated and productive at their jobs every day.


Using translation services to break down language barriers

When managing an international staff, one of the most important things you can provide to help your employees develop professionally and make them feel more connected to their colleagues in other countries is translation services.

Whether you choose to use a professional translation service to help your employees translate their documents or communicate for business needs, your employees will be able to communicate better with their foreign colleagues. If your employees speak different languages, translation services are essential.

Language is often viewed as a barrier that prevents people from communicating fully. You help build a well-coordinated team by providing services that help your employees communicate on the same level in a language they understand. If your employees have effective communication tools, their productivity and efficiency will surely improve.


Money management training for employees

Not only language communication, financial awareness is also a universal language that applies to all of your employees. It's important to help your employees better understand how to manage their finances. Who can teach this better than your employer?

Employees often face difficulties when managing money: how to budget, how much to save, and how to spend money efficiently between pay periods. When engaging new employees, take the time to offer different banking options, such as a financial institution that offers an online banking app. The mobile app allows your employees to check their balance and control their spending remotely. A financially literate employee becomes more responsible and happier, so be sure to equip your employees with the skills to succeed in their professional and personal lives.


Allow employees to make commitments beyond the job requirements.

A great way to boost your employees' capabilities is to offer them additional responsibilities beyond their position's typical expectations. If your employee is looking for a promotion or wishes to apply for another position in your company, a skills test of your employees will help demonstrate their ability to provide added value to your company. When employees work remotely, they may have difficulty presenting themselves to management because they are not physically present daily and cannot demonstrate their performance.

When a remote employee asks for extra work or wants to assist in another position, allow him/her to do so. As an employer, you have a great way to understand what kind of work your remote workers can do and any new skills you haven't noticed in your employees before.

The more you allow your employees to demonstrate their capabilities, the better you can allocate them to the positions where they will do their jobs most effectively. You may even find that a remote employee is enjoying and successfully working in a position for which he/she was not hired!


Encouraging employees to volunteer at local nonprofit organizations.

If you want your team members to become more diverse individuals and earn yourself and your company a reputation in their community, encourage them to volunteer or work with a nonprofit organization.

Charitable activities will help your employees learn more about their environment and its needs and help them perform better, and besides, increase personnel retention.

Being involved in philanthropic activities helps your employees become imbued with empathy and compassion, which can be applied in the workplace. With a group of helpful and supportive employees, the company as a whole will be more successful.

Understanding that there are problems and shortcomings that all people face will make it easier for your employees in turbulent times.


Investments in remote employees really pay off.

Professional development can take various forms. Suppose you are a business owner trying to provide your team members with additional training and information, or you want to help them with their requests for a higher level of development. In that case, you will never feel bad about the time spent on your employees' knowledge and skills.

The happier and more engaged your employees, especially your remote employees, the more productive your company can become, and the more likely your employees are to stay with you.

Suppose you need a professional translation service to facilitate communication between your international employees. In that case, iText will find the right person for you. Do you need a Spanish translator who specializes in business translations? Do you need a website translated from Chinese?


Whatever your needs are, we can handle them. Contact us for more information or quotes.

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Any business needs professional development. When opportunities are given to your employees to improve their skills or knowledge, they can greatly improve your company's performance and ensure that it better meets its goals.

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