What is the connection between cryptocurrency and translations?
13.01.2021 | Financial translation
Because cryptocurrencies have no central authority that sets their value, they are inherently global, so traders, miners, and investors can be located anywhere in the world. As in any globalized industry, professional translation plays a vital role in digital currency operations and investments. Suppose your business plans to create a new cryptocurrency and conduct an initial public offering (ICO). In that case, you should consider working with a translation service provider.
Technical translation: cutting-edge methods to avoid loss of quality
12.01.2021 | Technical translation
The need for high-quality technical translation has been growing since it is one of the most demanded services after legal translation in most European countries. Accuracy, clarity, and simplicity are some of the terms that define the quality of this type of translation service.
How to improve your business image using the translations
08.01.2021 | Business
This article will describe the key aspects of branding and discuss how working with a translation agency can shape your image in a way that appeals to international clients.
Why do the world's biggest brands work with a translation company?
07.01.2021 | Business
Due to consumer behavior changes and changes in companies' marketing approaches in international and foreign markets, an increasing number of business owners understand the full range of benefits a partnership with a professional translation company can bring. Today, translation services are practically an integral part of any successful endeavor to enter the international market in all corporate sectors.
Importance of translation for your online marketing campaigns
04.01.2021 | Marketing translation
In one form or another, advertising has been used to attract business customers for hundreds of years. Still, the rise of the Internet and social media has led to a revolution in marketing. The Internet has provided exciting advertising opportunities, so businesses have been forced to adopt entirely new marketing methods. Given that there are about 4.13 billion Internet users worldwide, if companies adopt online advertising, they can expand their customer base many times over. However, companies should not underestimate the critical need for translation to achieve this goal. Let's take a closer look.
Four reasons why companies should outsource translations
03.01.2021 | Productivity
Many companies are growing abroad that need to communicate with customers and service providers in a different language. Sometimes companies assign the task of translating texts to employees with a good command of the language, but these employees are not professional translators. This is a mistake. Before you follow this path, you should know that you can outsource translations.
Technical translation value in the engineering industry
30.12.2020 | Technical translation
Engineering is distinguished by its complex and very specific terminology and slang. The language in this industry is very challenging for non-engineers to understand whether they are native speakers or not. Therefore, every engineering company that wants to translate its technical documentation should hire specialized engineering translators, not just general translators.
Hints on choosing the best translation agency
30.12.2020 | Translations
Choosing the right translation agency is the key to the success of your projects. However, we don't always know what to look for. Do you want to find out what you need to pay attention to? Check out our post!
The top five marketing concepts to keep in mind before translating your content
25.12.2020 | Marketing
Deciding to expand your business and enter international markets is a great way to attract new customers and increase sales. However, achieving this goal means that you must translate marketing content to maintain your brand's unique look.
Mobile app localization: 7 main aspects to keep in mind
18.12.2020 | Localization
It's undeniable that app stores are now packed with mobile apps. But that doesn't mean that everyone finds these apps useful. Take, for example, those who do not speak English. No doubt your mobile app can help solve their problems, but if it's not properly localized, it's less likely to be downloaded and used.
Three easy steps to improve your freelance translator skills
17.12.2020 | Language Learning, Productivity
For you, as a freelance translator, this need for high-quality translators is good news! Be warned, though. The competition can be fierce since many people are discovering the merits of the job. That's why making sure you have all the skills you need is essential to finding a better job and building a solid career. To that end, we've put together some top tips to improve your translation skills.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning: how will they change the translation world
15.12.2020 | Technology
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have affected many industries by making processes automated. As machine learning algorithms are developed rapidly, it has become easier to automate the translation process. Will translators disappear? We have made a list of changes that are likely to happen in the translation industry over the next ten years.
Benefits of localization: why it is important for doing business internationally
13.12.2020 | Localization, Business
Technology has dissolved geographic boundaries, even for growth-oriented businesses. This provides an opportunity to expand their ties, taking into account the global demographic situation. However, while products and services from different cultures may seem appealing, they resonate with consumers worldwide more when they are individualized and unique. This is where localization comes in.
Assisting remote employees in their professional development
08.12.2020 | Productivity, Personnel
Any business needs professional development. When opportunities are given to your employees to improve their skills or knowledge, they can greatly improve your company's performance and ensure that it better meets its goals.
E-commerce translation: the advantages of translating your website
05.12.2020 | E-commerce, Website translation
Translating your website into different languages is one way to make your site more accessible and more enjoyable for customers.
Translation as a way to learn a foreign language
25.11.2020 | Language Learning
Translation can be a very effective tool for learning a foreign language. Read our article on how to use this method and take your language skills to a higher level.

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